Patio Cleaning

Algae Stains

Algae stains can ruin the look of your deck or cedar siding. But there is a algae stain remover that will easily and safely clean your stains. Use Stain Solver to handle your deck algae stains or on that discoloring cedar siding stains.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete, Paver Brick and Asphalt with Stain Solver

You can get fantastic results removing oil stains from paving brick, concrete or asphalt by doing the following ...

Mildew Stain Removal

Mildew stain removal from cedar siding, decks, patios and roofs is easy when you use Stain Solver. The power oxygen bleach will remove mildew stains will a minimum of scrubbing. So rid your decks or cedar siding of mildew stains quick and easy.

Patio Stain

Remove algae stains from your patio with Stain Solver. That patio stain will not stand a chance against the oxygen bleach stain remover.

Removing Garage Oil Stains with Stain Solver

I have garage floor that hasn't been cleaned in 20 years.  Plan on using a pressure washer to clean.  Wondered if Stain Solver to pre-treat would be advisable ...