Deck Maintenance

Algae Stains

Algae stains can ruin the look of your deck or cedar siding. But there is a algae stain remover that will easily and safely clean your stains. Use Stain Solver to handle your deck algae stains or on that discoloring cedar siding stains.

Cedar Siding

Does your home have years of cedar siding stain? To remove stains from your cedar siding, use Stain Solver. The power of oxygen bleach will remove algae stains and restore your siding.

Mildew Stain Removal

Mildew stain removal from cedar siding, decks, patios and roofs is easy when you use Stain Solver. The power oxygen bleach will remove mildew stains will a minimum of scrubbing. So rid your decks or cedar siding of mildew stains quick and easy.

Removing Treated Lumber Grade Stamps

I have purchased some pressure treated lumber that has purple printing on it. I can't find anything (other than sanding) to remove it. Can Stain Solver remove these marks?

Stain Solver Removes Algae Video

Tim Carter demonstrates how to remove algae from a deck railing and composite decking. Stain Solver does not harm any of the plants around the deck. It can be used to remove algae from vinyl siding, wood siding, concrete patios, brick patios, stone steps, retaining walls, patio furniture and any other exterior surfaces. Click on the title to watch the video of Stain Solver removing Algae.

Wood Deck Maintenance

Stain Solver does a great job of cleaning decks. It can remove most sun-damaged and oxidized deck sealers that have been on for two or more seasons. In most cases, Stain Solver will make the wood look almost like new.

Wood Deck Stain

Removing algae stains from your wood deck can be quick and easy. Use Stain Solver for your wood deck stains. Clean and restore your deck following these easy steps. Clean your deck and get it ready for those summer evenings.