Cleaning Stained Wood

Stain Solver is an excellent product to clean exterior wood that's been stained, sealed or painted.

Any paint, sealer or stain you apply to wood or metal siding is immediately attacked by the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays as well as airborne pollution.

These things break down the coatings. Stain Solver will remove some or all of these damaged coatings because it's such an excellent cleaner.

The photo below was taken in Florida in late June 2013. Behr solid-color stain was applied to the wood. The homeowner says the product came with a 7-year warranty.


You can see that even after just three years of the harsh sub-tropical sun in Florida that the resins and pigments in the solid stain had failed.

Be sure you do a TEST area on your surfaces to see what will happen when you use Stain Solver.

If you're getting ready to recoat or repaint your exterior surfaces, there is no better cleaner than Stain Solver.

You WANT TO REMOVE all of the UV-damaged resins and pigments from the surfaces. Stain Solver will do that as you can see from the above photo.