Carpet Stain

Blood Stain

Removing a blood stain can be tough. It's important to remove a blood stain as quick as possible. An oxygen bleach cleaner can do this and still preserve your article or clothing, carpet, tile grout or an upholstered chair or couch.

Blood Stains

Removing blood stains can be both tough and frustrating. It's important to remove blood stains as quickly as possible. An oxygen bleach cleaner can do this while preserving the integrity of your article of clothing, carpet, tile grout or an upholstered chair or couch.

Carpet Stains

A carpet stain can be both tough and frustrating to remove. An oxygen bleach cleaner can do this while preserving the integrity of your carpet.  Even stubborn red wine stains and pet stains will disappear.

Dog Feces Stain

All too often, your animals have accidents which leave dog feces stains and odors on your wall to wall carpet. Stain Solver stain remover will restore your carpet and remove the odors.

Grease Stain

To remove grease stains, try Stain Solver oxygen bleach. This product will remove your grease stain with ease and no hard scrubbing.

Ink Stain

Stain Solver is an impressive ink stain remover. Ink stains can be taken out of carpeting and clothes, many times years after being stained. Discover how to remove ink stains with Stain Solver.

Mud Stain

Have a pile of mud stained clothes? Kids can easily get mud stains while playing. Stain Solver's oxygen bleach power will remove stains from your kid's clothes. It will also work on carpet stains.

Pen Stain

A pen stain can ruin your office shirt. Stain Solver oxygen bleach will remove pen stains from shirts or carpeting. Follow these simple steps to restore your shirt to new condition.

Pet Stain

Pet Stains, including carpet pet stains, can be removed with Stain Solver oxygen bleach. Pet Stain removal is easy with these simple to follow instructions. Your pet carpet stain will be gone, as well as the pet stain odor.

Rug Stain

Wondering what to use for rug stain removal? Try Stain Solver for your rug stains. This oxygen bleach product makes a great rug stain cleaner. Rug stains will be removed following these simple steps.

Soot Stain

Knowing how to remove soot stains from your carpet can save your carpeting. Use Stain Solver oxygen bleach for soot stain removal. Your carpet will be restored and the soot stains removed.