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Algae Stain on Roof Shingles

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Algae stains can be both tough and frustrating to remove. Because of your busy, over-scheduled life, it's important to remove algae stains as quickly as possible. An oxygen bleach cleaner can take algae stains off while preserving the integrity of your roof. It will not discolor your asphalt roof shingles or hurt any surrounding vegetation. Removing algae stains is fast and easy when you mix an all-natural, environmentally safe oxygen bleach and apply that solution to the stained roof. Why live with unsightly black algae or green algae stains on your roof when they can be easily cleaned and restored? You'll save time, money and effort by applying this effective algae stain remover.

Algae Stains on Roof

What You'll Need:


Add the Stain Solver powder to the warm water. Stir until completely dissolved. Use to clean black or green algae from roofs. Apply solution liberally with the pump sprayer to a cool roof surface on a cloudy day or in the shade. Let soak for 20 minutes, never allowing the solution to evaporate. Scrub with a push broom. Rinse the clean roof off with a garden hose. Test on a small area to see how easy it is to use before attempting large areas. Roofs wet with this solution are slippery and very dangerous. Be extremely careful so as not to fall.