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Air Purifier Cleaned

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George Gilbert emailed his story on cleaning an air purifier. Let's have George tell what he did.

"I just had to tell you tell you about this.

I have an air purifier with ionizer, I got to the point that I almost got rid of it because it was such a pain to clean. The manufacture recommends a product they sell or mild dish soap in warm water. Neither of which worked that well and took for ever to soak.

I had a bottle of Stain Solver so I tried it. You would not believe how well the dirt and cigarette smoke came off - almost immediately started flaking off in the sink. It took three water changes to come completely clean but was no work for me.

Thanks for the product. Well done."


"P.S. The sink was so clean after, now my wife wants to use every where. Guess I will have to reorder soon.

Thanks again!"